Kate is going through a hard time right now, so everyone go to her Etsy and buy stuff to make her feel better, and so she can feed herself and Wally with food and love.

i’m gonna be fine, thanks for everyone’s support/concern. i love you guys.

We love you, Kate ♥

our favourite floorperson

In-depth Analysis

In which Kate and Shanno talk about camera lenses and abortionists.

Dear Maria Bamford

"If you know Maria Bamford personally, you should talk to her and get her to be friends with us."

Tonya and Shanno are gone right now so I can do whatever I want!

If you’re in Portland, go and fund your local Kate.

If not, check out her etsy!

Shanno and Peppermint Patty Do a Movie Review

- Kate and Shanno discuss their favorite parts of Sex and The City 2

We want to make a movie and we’re gonna call it “Shut the fuck up, Carrie”.


'Shanno, let's make a crazy video!'


In which Shanno and Kate make a crazy video

The truth about life